Innovation Day

Hi i’m E.B Voice. TodayIi’m going to talk about a thing i do in school, the thing I do in school is called Innovation Day, Innovation Day for my school is a project my school does every year, and every year they change the name. it was my first time doing Innovation Day. This is […]

More About Me

Hi my name is still ebvoice. Last time I rote about me you dident get to see my avitar, but now here it is… this photo was made on a website coled Avatar Maker and you can creat your own avatar. That finishes my More About Me Page

Locker Organizing

Hi it is me, ebvoice agen Today ( November,29,2019 ) we did dress down day. Dress down day is wen we don’t need to ware are uniforms to school. Today we needed to organiz are lockers and then we need to take a photo of it. When the photos are printed we put them in […]

Queen of Mean

The queen of mean. Queen of mean Me and my mom really like the video Queen of  Mean. The song from d\Descendants 3. This was the first song that got me to watch Descendents. I liked it so much that it got me to watch other videos they made. This got my mom to realize […]

Line graph story ( for terry fox )

One day a man was training to be in a race ( the race is in winter ). To  practice he ran twenty  minutes a day. When the race came he ran one mile, he got really hot, each mile was even hotter than the other. After the race he cooled down, after he cooled […]